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fei_wu in ths_pitosaurz

what time is our sectional on fridays?

stephen is thinking about going the pit! what will he play?

Sectionals on Friday are an hour before call time, so I shall say four-pee-emm. ^_^

Who on earth is Stephen, and why does he assume that he can join marching band in the middle of the season?



stephen kapiski plays the clarinet. he is already in marching band. he just wants to swich from clarinet to pit.

Re: stephen

Eh, wait.

Were you talking about pit-during-marching-band or pit-winter-drumline-pit? XDDD

Re: stephen

i'm pretty sure he's talking about winter-drumline-pit because there's no way he can switch mid-season.

Re: stephen

Oh, okay then. XDD I guess you lot can disregard my latest post, then. ^^;

Re: stephen

i was talking about pit-marching band!!!

Re: stephen

No freakin' way he can do that mid-season right now. Next year, maybe, but not this year. XD
yeah. i know a lot of people wanna do winter drumline that haven't done it before. stephen's not the only one.

Anyways, I don't mean to be a downer but a lot of people that say they're interested don't end up trying out. but hopefully, it'll be different this year. I'm looking forward to it. :)
This is jumping ahead a wholeheckalot, but I wanna look into the future and see who's joining pit next year. o_o;
haha. i have no clue.
i was actually hoping we could use winter drumline to convert a couple of people to pit for marching season so it's not just you, yogin and nathan and a bunch of freshies that don't wanna be in pit next year.

I don't know what the current auxilary guys wanna do. I'm pretty sure they all wanna move into battery? am I right, Hiram?

current auxilary guys

well i am pretty sure that johnathan robinson and joey gomez wants to try out for bass drum. yes u r right!

Re: current auxilary guys

are you hiram( trying out for battery)

Re: current auxilary guys

so far yes! ill try out for bass or snare.

Re: current auxilary guys

or tenor

Re: current auxilary guys

my bad! i think joey wants to stay in pit. johnathan wants to try out for snare but he probopbly won't make. he proboply will make it on bass or cymbals. i dont think he enjoys the pit.

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