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We are the Pitosaurs!

Hear us ROAAAR. (:

The Home of the Fighting Pitosaurz
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Welcome to the official website of the Troy High School Front Ensemble!

We roar, we score, we rock our mallets sore
We hip, we hot, we're the best around the block
We bite, we tight, and we'll rock your world tonight
Check us out, we'll say it proud
Go Troy Pitosaurs! YEAH!

The Pitosaurs (pronounced "pitzors")is the name of the Troy High School Front Ensemble, a high school percussion ensemble from Troy High School in Fullerton, California. The Front Ensemble, which is without doubt the best section in the band, is also known as the pit. In the fall, as a part of the Troy High School Marching Band and Pageantry, we perform field shows at home football games and at competitions around Southern California. In the spring, we perform with the battery an indoor percussion show, competing in local venues around southern California.

But really, we're just a bunch of dorks who love making music and having fun. :)

Here, you will find:
-Pictures and videos of the pitosaurs.
-Regurgitations Daily ramblings of the pitosaurs.
-Show music and exercises. (Sorry, awesome dinosaurs only.)
-Links to the pitosaurs' personal pages and other useful websites.

The Pitosaurs' Hangouts
ADLA, DCI, SCPA, Vic Firth, WGI, Music, World of Pageantry,
THS Instrumental Music

Current Members:
SENIORS*Stephanie Gregorio (xilluminationx) - mySpace
Steve Chung (sleepinginbio) - mySpace
Maria Kim (mika_cha) - mySpace
JUNIORS Yogin Kothari (1lilindian)
SOPHOMORESNone this season. :(
FRESHmeatMENDanielle Dayto (fei_wu) - mySpace
Hiram Rivera (hir4mriv3r4) - mySpace
Joey Gomez :: mySpace
Jonathan Robinson
Nathan Childres (nate_dogg91)